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Objectives of the Doctoral Studies

The study programme of the doctoral studies in Economics has precisely defined objectives. By completing the doctoral study programme, students obtain the academic degree of a PhD in Economics.The objectives to be achieved are as follows:

  • knowledge acquisition and capability development for independent research work in the area of economics.
  • possibility of research into the modern economic science,
  • adoption of scientific and research methods in the area of economics,
  • development of true academic interests and competence,
  • participation in domestic and international scientific and research projects,
  • possibility of knowledge broadening in the area of economics,
  • appreciation of scientific and research issues as a whole and from the perspective of other relevant domains,
  • development of ability for organization and participation in interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research,
  • hypothesizing and proper explaining of scientific results,
  • training for the preparation of scientific papers,
  • publishing of scientific results,
  • training for critical assessment of scientific research results,
  • training for presentation and defense of the results of scientific and research work
  • training for systematization, analysis and critical assessment of scientific achievements in the area of economics,
  • application of acquired knowledge for further development of economic science,
  • application of acquired knowledge for proper analysis of economic issues,
  • continuance of successful work in fundamental and applicative research
  • permanent development of professional and scientific competence,
  • giving original contribution to the science on the basis of existing scientific knowledge and independent scientific and research work,
  • implementation of scientific achievements in the educational process.

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